Simple Techniques From Experts That Make Dreams Into Reality


How Do I Accomplish Things In Life? Easy...Copy A Robot

How do I accomplish things?   How do you succeed in life?  What's the secret to success? 

These are all common questions that can be answered by studying a simple robot.  All you need is three, yes 3, qualities to succeed in practically anything.

Remember those robots that you could drop in an enclosed room with only one door and it would eventually find its way out?  Well there are three priceless lessons you can take from that "dummy" that will make you seem brilliant!

Set-up: The goal is clear.  Get out of the room through that one door.

Lesson 1:  That robot has an unquenchable DESIRE to get out (not literally because it is not human, but you get the point)

Lesson 2:  When that robot stops making progress, it MAKES A SLIGHT ADJUSTMENT.
It's always turns left 30 degrees at every road block (come up with your consistent adjustment).

Lesson 3:  Then, it KEEPS GOING

This formula is so simple you don't have to write it down...just remember it.  

If a dumb robot can succeed with three simple programming ("Desire," Make Adjustments, and Keep Going), imagine what your are capable of if you incorporate these 3 core lessons into your life?

How to implement this in real life

1. Find YOUR Desire (not what your parents, teachers, minister, friend, etc. told you you should do). 

Here, you will have to choose which desires really matter in your life.  If you entertain every desire, you will go nowhere in life.  Why?  Quck example: You desire a million dollars.  Yet, you desire to do nothing.  Well, how are you going to get it if you do nothing?  See the problem?

If you don't choose which desires are priority, your life will be nothing but distractions and chaos because we want a lot of things and they often contradict each other (as in the above example).

Now, if you just cannot figure out what it is that you want, then it's because you believe you cannot have it. In this case, ask yourself what achievement really matters in life.  When something really matters, you do things you don't really want to do because it makes a difference in your life and the life of those around you.  

Great!  Now that you know the importance of desire, there will be times when you just need a boost to get you going (pursuing your desirable goal).  Here's a technique to build desire

2. If you get stuck with making progress towards your goal, seek advice, search the internet for suggestions, try a different approach, change your environment, etc.  In other words, make a little adjustment if you are stuck.

 3. With the adjustment made, keep going until you "get out that door."