Simple Techniques From Experts That Make Dreams Into Reality


Want To See "The Secret" Work NOW? Try This!

I'm sure you've heard of "The Secret" or "Think And Grow Rich and wondered if that stuff really works. Well you can stop wondering because the video below will show you how to apply the technique (that was revived by "The Secret") and see fast results. The example he uses allows you to see the resulting power of this "mind hack" almost IMMEDIATELY! This allows you to know if you're doing it correctly. Once you know how to perform "The Secret," you have graduated and can now apply this to bigger goals knowing that, finally, all your desires will eventually become reality.

Make sure you do not miss these important points in the video:

1. Know exactly what the end result will look like.
2. Stimulate your (PERSONAL) "feel good" feeling (he asks this in a more "tangible" way: What is it that you like about the end result?
3. Don't worry about how it's going to get done. Step 3 will put your mind in the "automatic" mode.
4. Let the pressure build (don't worry, this is good pressure as you'll learn in the video).
5. Again, don't forget the importance of that "good feeling"

How To WANT To Do Something You Don't Really Want To Do - Truely AWESOME!

This self-influence technique WORKS!

If you haven't given this a try yet, you're missing out on a life changing mind tool that can get you anything you want!


Personal Goal Setting Tips...Including One That A Billionaire Uses To Succeed

In this post I am going to lay out a few components that every goal must have so that it is not just another "New Year's Resolution" that get tossed inside the "wish bin." These components are key pieces in personal goal setting and will make the difference between getting "there" and wising you were "there." So, do not take these free goal setting tips lightly.

OK, let's get right to it.

Key Components In Personal Goal Setting

* Write it in a way where your personal DESIRES are included in the goal.

For example, if you want to make more money without having to continuously put in working hours and you dread dealing with customers, state your goal in the following way:

I will search for and read about how an Affiliate Marketer makes at least $2000/month and complete this within the next 10 days so I have an idea on how to create passive income without dealing with any customers.

If there is no real desire included, it is just a wish.

* Make sure you know when the goal has ended and that it is a realistic time frame. If it is a big goal, create many mini time frames and goals.

Using the example goal above, the goal will end when either you finish reading a successful Affiliate Marketer's "How To ..." book or after the 10 days expire. It is quantifiable and measurable. Intensity is built in when you know there is an ending point. If you really need the intensity to keep you "in your goal", tell your friend or family member you will give them $1000 if you do not complete this goal within 10 days, provided you do not become seriously ill or get into any serious accidents.

Look at all the games you participated in so far. You knew when you won or loss and/or there was a definite end. As you got closer to the end of the game, your intensity grew too. This is why it is critical to include quantifiable measurements.

* Make sure you consider your goal BELIEVABLE and achievable.

If you have never played football and measure 4'7", 70 lbs, and hitting your 60th birthday tomorrow, making a goal to play in the NFL is a little unrealistic, in my opinion (if you believe you can make it after doing some research, then it fits this criteria and I say go for it).

* Make your goal PERFORMANCE oriented and not outcome oriented.

This slight adjustment is very effective so make sure you use this one in all your personal goal setting.

In the example above, notice your goal was to READ 1 Affiliate Marketing book (performance oriented) of someone who makes at least $2000/month. Your goal was NOT to make $2000/month (outcome oriented). This is very important for a couple reasons:

1. You have MORE CONTROL in reading a book than controlling people to buy through your links on your website (this is how you generate income).

2. When you actually finish the goal there is a sense of accomplishment and now you have created momentum on your side.

3. If the you finish each goal (which is easier to accomplish because of the control factor), results will take care of themselves. Warren Buffett, the richest stock investor in the world, runs his company Berkshire Hathaway in this fashion. He rewards his executives if they complete each goal, NOT if the company makes $2 Billion in sales. He cannot control the business environment and other extraneous factors, but he can control what he and his executives do. If it works for a billionaire, why not use it for your personal success?

It's Important That YOU Create Goals

If you feel you are not good at completing goals, you are wrong! You are successful at completing goals already. Look at all the (major) accomplishments in your life so far, i.e. job promotions, awards received, savings goals reached, graduations, making the high school baseball team, etc. Now granted you may not have come up with these goals yourself (some of them chosen by your parents, teachers, friends, etc.) or even written them down, they were goals that were successfully completed. This is why YOU must start choosing what you want to accomplish because you can and DO complete goals.

Now your parents, friends, teachers, etc. planted these goals in your mind with good intentions, but did it actually get you to where you wanted to end up?

-you went to school for a degree...goal accomplished.
-you got a high paying job...goal accomplished.
-you bought a nice car...goal accomplished.
-you bought a nice house...goal accomplished.

Now, you have to WORK until ____ years old so you can pay off debt (as opposed to, for example, not having to WORK but still have income coming in through passive means).

Now if that is where you wanted to end up, then all those goals you accomplished were right in line with getting you to your "nirvana." Congratulations on a well laid out plan and all your successes.

If it was not the "nirvana" you visualized, then start writing down goals that WILL get you to live a blissful, fulfilling,and satisfying life.

“Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand and work with whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.”
-Napoleon Hill

And yes, there will be struggles along the way, but you actually WANT that. It is overcoming those struggles that will get you many (addictive) natural "highs!" Have you ever solved a problem that other (family members) could not solve, even though it took you hours or days to solve it? That sense of accomplishment after trying and trying is such an awesome feeling! If you haven't experienced this feeling, I suggest you look for something that another family member or friend cannot solve and solve it for them. The harder it is for you, the better the "high" will be. No drugs needed to get "high," plus you can profit from getting "high" at the same time. What a deal!

"We find no real satisfaction or happiness in life without obstacles to conquer and goals to achieve."
-Maxwell Maltz

Personal goal setting is fun when you know what components to include and know that you are planning to go where YOU want to go.

If you do what all the rest are not doing (writing down goals), you will get what they are not getting (a successful, fulfilling, and abundant life). Make USE of these free goal setting tips and start creating a goal, now!

Personal Goal Setting - Begin At The End To Discover Your Core Goals

When asked to write down their goals in life, many people struggle because they think their goals are trivial compared to some of the Bill Gates and Anthony Robbins of this world. Nothing can be further from the truth if their goals are based on one thing. What is it? Every successful person begins with the "End in Mind." And it is THEIR end! This makes it different from everyone else and truly worthy no matter how trivial it may sound. This is why they call it PERSONAL goal setting.

That "end in mind" concept is very effective because it allows us to work backwards and figure out ways we can get there. Now, as I mentioned earlier, it does not matter if your goal is to revolutionize the way we do business or if it is to be the best parent to your kid(s). As long as you know what YOUR optimal life looks like, you will have no problems coming up with worthy goals.

Unless your optimal life is truly unique, there are lots of resources out there to tell you how to get to where you want to go. So your first goal could be to go to and find the top selling book in your area of interest. Then go to your local library and borrow it (or pick up a copy for yourself if you like to mark notes in your books).

You will find things that the author did that helped him/her realize what you are after. With that information at your fingertips, you can create many worthy goals, all moving you in the direction you want to go. You do not (and in many cases should not) have to reinvent the wheel. Copying will get you there faster. So in this case, copying is the smartest thing you can do.

In his book "The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People," Stephen R. Covey covers this "end in mind" concept by having you picture yourself at your own funeral. Listen to what your eulogy sounds like. Do you like it? If not, what would you change? I am sure this exercise will stir up more worthy goals.
Click Image To Look Inside This Book For The 6 Other Habits

This is a simple but powerful concept for brewing up meaningful and personal goals. These goals express what matters most to YOU and are, therefore, just as worthy as a world changing goal!

Use your powerful gift of imagination in all your personal goal setting sessions and you are guaranteed to come up with worthy goals.


The Power Of Focus: What They Did Not Teach You In School

The power of focus is a skill that will produce incredible results for you!  If you can hone this skill, you will accomplish any goal.  So, let's go through a little practice to see where your focus skills lie.  In the following video, I want you to actually participate in the experiment which starts around the 1:30 mark.  You might be one of the participants that will be AMAZED at your power.  Experience the "focus factor" by clicking the play button.

The Power Of Focus: What They Did Not Teach You In School

Imagine what you can accomplish if you know what you are looking for.  This is why it is so important to figure out your true desires so you will have goals that you WANT to accomplish.  And when you know what you are trying to achieve, opportunities that were always in front of your face suddenly jump out at you.  This "focus factor" ingredient is what many of us are missing in our lives.  If you are having a hard time figuring out your true desires (goals), read this short post "Setting Goals: How To Do It If You Don't Know What You Want."

Now go influence yourself through the power of focus and you will soon get what you want.

Setting Goals: How To Do It If You Don't Know What You Want

As Featured On EzineArticles

This blog has numerous postings about techniques on getting what you want based on your true desires. But what if you don't know what it is you really want?  Like so many younger people we sometimes struggle to pinpoint this exact desire.

Well, I am going to show you a powerful approach on setting goals that will surface your true motivators and desires.  With that discovery and laser beam focus, you are UNSTOPPABLE!  I learned this from renowned business and life motivational speaker Steve Chandler, bestselling author of "100 Ways To Motivate Yourself" and numerous other self-improvement books and CDs.  OK, here is the approach.

When someone asks you if you like to eat fish, for example, you might answer with a simple "yes." But if someone asks you if you like to eat cow's tongue, you might answer with a definite "NO!"  Now some may actually like cow's tongue and hate fish so all you have to do is switch this example around to get the point.

Notice how your "no" was more powerful than your "yes?" You knew for sure you did not want cow's tongue (or fish).  This certainty is really important when setting any goal.  Number one your goal has to be personal, and number two it has to be desirable.

When you can find that definite "no," all you have to do is turn it into a "yes."  For example, if you know for certain that you do NOT want to get paid only one time for your hourly services (because that means you must work more hours if you want to get paid again), then you can set a goal that you DO want to create passive income streams.  You can further refine your passive income goal through this same process.  If you know you do NOT want to be driving around to build your passive income stream, you could set a goal that you DO want to create income Blogging from home, for example.  In his early 20's (amazing kid!), millionaire Rob Benwell has amassed a FORTUNE by doing just that, Blogging.  See his story here.

Do you see how the definitive "no" can stir up hidden desires buried in your heart?

Getting to know for sure, without a shadow of doubt, what you do NOT want is a really powerful way to discovering what you do want.

Use this "negative" technique to strategically influence yourself into accomplishing your newly discovered desirable goals.  Remember, desire and focus are a deadly combination so use it wisely!


Affirmations: Why Yours Are Not Working And How To Tweak Them So They Do

Affirmations have been talked about in countless books and videos as a means to get you what you want. Yet, many have claimed they are just a bunch of bunk and simply do not work. Well as expert manifestation author explains, they simply do not work IF YOU ARE NOT TRANSFERRING THE COMMAND IN TO THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. The tweak is small but makes all the difference in the results. Let's learn how to correctly use affirmations so you will get what you want.

The Ultimate Secrets of Truly Effective Affirmation

by song chengxiang

All right reserved

Affirmation has been used by successful people for
centuries. It has helped many ordinary people achieve
extraordinary results in their lives. It has turned many
failures into successes. It has made many miracles happen
in the history of human evolution. However, the majority of
people who use affirmation find that it doesn’t work. Why
is this the case? What are the elements that people have
missed when they use affirmation techniques? I constantly
ask myself these questions, and seek for the answers. The
result is, no one book gives the complete answer. Some tips
given in one book work for a specific situation, but not
for others. Other books give other tips that work for other
situations, but not for this. I have tested and filtered
out the ineffective ones, and left only what I call the
ultimate effective technique secrets.

The purpose of affirmation:

Before I give you the effective techniques, I must make you
understand the true purpose of affirmation. Simply stated,
the purpose of affirmation is to pass a command from the
conscious mind to the subconscious mind. The subconscious
mind has the ability, in anything it accepts as true, to do
whatever it takes to turn it into reality. The purpose of
an affirmation is to pass a message to the subconscious
mind, and to make it believe the message is true. So this
brings us to the first element of an effective affirmation.

1.The affirmation must be believable to the subconscious

Most of the affirmations people use, fail at this first
stage. They tend to give an unrealistic message to the
subconscious mind, hoping for a positive response. If you
are financially broke, and you say to yourself “I earn
$100,000 per year”, is this believable to your mind? If
your body is totally out of shape, and you say to yourself
“I am very attractive”, is this believable to your mind? I
doubt it.

What if you are currently broke, and you want to make
$100,000 per year? What if you are out of shape, and you
want to make yourself attractive? I find the best and
easiest way is to use the word “I choose” in your

Instead of saying “I earn $100,000 per year.”

Say “I choose to earn $100,000 per year”

Instead of saying “I am very attractive”

Say “I choose to feel that people find me attractive”

Do you feel the difference?

2.The subconscious mind seeks for proof

There is a misconception that the affirmation must be
repeated thousands of times before it can be installed in
the subconscious mind. This is not necessarily true. You
can use the repetition method to embed your affirmation,
but there is an easier way. It is, at the time you find the
proof, state your affirmation. Many people stay in poverty
because they associate pain with money. Whenever they spend
their money, they think of their bills, loans etc. This
will automatically lead to ultimate pain. It is the feeling
you attach to money that makes you rich or poor.

How can we turn this to our advantage? Instead of feeling
pain when spending money, what if we associate pleasure
with it? Next time when you go out shopping, at the moment
you take out your money or credit card, say this
affirmation to yourself “I always have more than enough to

See how you feel. This works because the subconscious mind
sees the proof. As long as you have some money left in your
pocket, this affirmation is always true, so the
subconscious mind will believe it.

How about if we combine the first and second methods
together and make an affirmation like this: “I choose to
feel that I always have more than enough to spend.” Say
this at the time you spend your money. See how you feel.
You don’t have to repeat it thousands of times, a few times
of real life proof will make your subconscious mind believe

3.The affirmation must trigger feelings

A fact about the subconscious mind is that it does not
speak in words, you can only communicate with it through
feelings, and emotions. There are two methods that you can
use to trigger your feelings. The first method is to use
words that involve feelings. Words like “fun, enjoyable,
comfortable, delightful” will work effectively. The second
method is to use imagination. Visualize that the situation
stated in your affirmation has already come true. See
yourself in that situation and feel the feelings.

4.The affirmation must obey the 3 Ps factor.

The 3 Ps are Positive, Present Tense, and Personal.

Affirmations must be stated positively. Instead of saying
“I am not fat”, say “I choose to stay slim”. The reason for
this is that before the mind knows the meaning of, “I am
not fat”, it must think of what fat means first. So saying
that statement will inevitably lead to the feeling of being

Affirmations must be in the present tense. Many books
mention this. However, I only agree to some extent. If you
say “I have a luxury car”, your mind will not believe you.
The reason I include this here is that once it is combined
with the first technique, it will work perfectly. Now say
“I choose to have a luxury car”. Your mind will do its best
to bring it into reality.

Affirmations must be personal. Your subconscious mind only
works for you, not for others. If you say “Ann loves me”,
it will not be effective, because you have no control over
Ann. Now say “I choose to feel that Ann really loves me”.
This time you are in control, because you can control your
own feelings.

5.Personal development affirmations should be stated in the

“I am confident” may not be as effective as “I am becoming
more and more confident”.

An even better affirmation might be “I choose to feel more
and more confident”.

The reason for using the comparative, is because there is
no end to how much more confident you can become.
Otherwise, your mind may think you are already confident
enough, and it will not need to do any more work.

These 5 techniques are the most effective ones that I have
found from my research on affirmations. If you can use all
the 5 techniques, I guarantee your results will be amazing.
Even if you only use one or two of the techniques stated
here, you will find your affirmations will become far more

Song Chengxiang is the author of popular online
ebooks "Rapid Manifestation" and "The Lost secrets of
Manifestation". His words have helped thousands of people
greatly change the quality of their lives and manifest
their true desires easily and effortlessly. He has recently
developed a powerful mind programming system- Quantum Mind
Power, with a top brainwave entrainment Engineer Morry
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How To Become A "Master" At What You Want To Do

Wouldn't it be great if you can become a "Master" (or at least good enough to be viewed as a master) at something that interest you?  It can be crafting a scrapbook, losing weight, gaining muscle, or even the best way to make a living.  Well there is a way.  In this technique you will actually be influencing yourself by reinforcing things you already learned.  And the best part is that you will be getting it done at the same time.  Let me explain.

It has been said that there are four phases in learning:

1. You learn by taking in information from books, videos, the internet, etc.
2. You learn by doing.
3. You learn by teaching others.
4. You learn by getting feedback from those you taught.  Because we all have different talents and perspectives, others will discover things that you could never think of.

If you discover a true desire, you will have no problems completing number 1 and 2.  But take a look at number 3.  To some people it might be viewed as a "burden" and a time consumer.  But to the adroit person there are hidden benefits in teaching.

Here are 3 that I can see: 1) You harness the power of Repetition  2) You get it done "effortlessly" 3) You engage the Principle of Reciprocity.

Let's take the first benefit.  When you teach someone, you are reviewing all the things you actually know AND discovered what you really don't know.  When you keep repeating  something over and over it becomes truth.  And you retain truth in your memory for a long time.

The second benefit is it gets you to take action on something you want to get done anyway.  Showing someone is the "trigger" that gets you to take action.  With your focus on showing the other person how to do it correctly, you get through the task effortlessly!

And lastly, you are doing something good for someone else, in which case, based on the law of  reciprocity, things will come back to you a hundred fold.

Now how's that for "killing THREE birds with one stone?"

But what if you can't find anyone that wants to learn what you know?  Not to worry because you still can at least "kill TWO birds with one stone."  Use the gift that only we humans have...our imagination.

Just teach an imaginary person.  I know that sounds odd but it is truly effective.  You don't have to talk out loud so others think you are insane.  You can just whisper to yourself to get the beneficial effects.  You can take it one step further and come up with questions a beginner might ask and see if you know the answers.  You will benefit from the 1) repetition aspect and 2) taking action aspect.

A spin-off of this technique is the "self-talk" technique.  You know that little voice inside you that says, "skip your workout," or "put off that project until tomorrow," or "..."  Well, you can actually talk yourself into what you want done.  Why are YOU the best one to turn to?  For one, you will ALWAYS be there to motivate and influence yourself no matter where you are in this world.  And two, you are the best motivator because only you know what you are thinking at that specific time.  Therefore, only you know what buttons to push to make you react and move.  

Now go influence yourself and become a master at what you want to do.


STAYING Motivated Using This Psychological Phenomenon

Staying motivated is one of the most common challenges people have.  Goals and Resolutions are made every time.  But are they kept?  Why is it that some people can accomplish amazing success while others just get by in life?  Well, as you will soon discover from Psychologist Anthony Galie, it's no fluke.  They are treated to this psychological phenomenon because they do a simple exercise that many just choose not to do.  It has everything to do with clarifying your self-image via repetitious statements.  Watch this video to see how to stay motivated via your subconscious self-image.

Staying Motivated By Using Your (Subconscious) Self-Image

Imagine what your life will be like if you start using this technique from now on. How do you want the new you to look like? Anthony Galie has made his services very affordable by telling you exactly how to create your (subconscious) self-image in Take Control of Your Subconscious Mind.

Grab a copy now because once you create a vivid self-image in your subconscious mind, you will finally stay "motivated" (if you want to call it that) to actually complete a goal(s).


Self Motivation Secrets

Self-Motivation is a skill and like all skills, practice makes perfect.  Some people just simply "cannot" get a task done because they don't feel motivated to do it.  Now that italicized word "feel" is the most powerful motivator there is.  The bad part is we experience different feelings all the time and those feelings might not coincide with the task you want to get done.  But here's the good news.  You can CREATE a feeling that will influence you in getting that specific task done!  So, how do you create it?  Well here's some motivational techniques that I use to get tasks done.  And since it was well written in an article already, I decided to just present the article in its entirety.  Here they are:

Self Motivation Secrets
By Steven Gillman

We all have a lack of self motivation at times. We can learn a hundred ways to improve our lives, but then hesitate to act. Something less important catches our attention, or we just don't feel like doing what we need to do. Even a person who is normally highly motivated can sometimes have a hard time getting started on an important task.

Is there a solution? There are probably dozens of them. Below are six of the best self motivation techniques that consistently work when used. Try them all, but if you find even one or two here that work for you, you'll be on your way.

Self Motivation Techniques That Work

1. Talk to get motivated. One of my favorite ways to create energy and motivation is to talk. Once I tell my wife about the article I'm going to write, I'm out of my slump and back at the keyboard. For less inspiring tasks, talk about the larger goals it will help you achieve.

2. Stimulate your desire. Seeing their potential future motivates many to sign up for get-rich-quick plans. The really good salesmen can put you in your imagined dream home in minutes, and make you feel motivated to do anything to make it real. Learn to be your own salesman.

3. Stimulate your pain. One Neuro-Linguistic Programming technique is to mentally link pain with not acting. It is like when finally stop hitting that snooze button on the alarm, and get up because you think you might lose your job. Just imagine any bad consequences that may occur if you don't do what you need to do.

4. Find a true interest. If you have no interest in what you are doing, it might mean you need to do something else. If it's just a task you dislike, but it needs to be done, relate it clearly in your mind to the greater goal. I don't like to drive, but I don't have a motivation problem when I'm driving to the mountains for a vacation.

5. Boost your energy. You need energy for self motivation. Coffee may help for a while, if caffeine doesn't create other problems for you. Exercising and sleeping well help too. Yo should also watch out for sugary foods. The "sugar blues"kill motivation. Once you find energy boosters that work for you, make a list and keep it handy for future use.

6. Take any small step. I've found if I commit to raking up one bag of leaves, I soon want to finish all the yard work. Taking any small step towards your goals is a great self motivation technique. To make this even easier, break larger goals down into small steps.

Motivation techniques really do work, but don't ask me how to get motivated to use them. In any case, you were motivated enough to read this far, so you'll be fine. Oh, and humor is number seven. A good laugh can overcome that feeling of being overwhelmed that sucks away self motivation.

Steve Gillman has been studying brainpower and related topics for years. For more on How To Increase Brain Power, and to get the Brain Power Newsletter and other free gifts, visit:

Article Source:


You Already Have What It Takes To Get What You Want

You already have what it takes to get what you want in life and it's easier than you think.

As the following article explains, we want what we want for one reason and one reason only.  But here's the irony.  We don't have to have it in our possession right now to get what we are truly seeking.  Confused?  Read the article to find out what we're really after, how you can have it ALREADY, and how it helps you actually get it.  

(Thank you Song for the use of your brilliant article)
The Power of Feeling Good

by song chengxiang

All right reserved

Today I am going to share a powerful lesson that you can
use to immediately achieve any success you want in your
life. And I promise you that if you do what I suggest you
do, your success is guaranteed.

You will have everything you want in your life and enjoy
the total fulfillment that you deserve. Remember this…
there is no limit to what you can have, be and do. Every
thing you can imagine, you can achieve. And you are going
to find out how to do it now...

Feeling excited? Let’s play a “what if” game. What if you
could ask 100 of the most successful people in the world
whether there was a single magic secret to success? What if
they told you there was? What if they all gave you the same
answer? Are you willing to do what they suggest you do?

Well I don't know what they will tell you, but I do know,
from years of studying the most successful people, that
there is one single most important factor that contributes
to more of their success than any other factors combined,
and anyone can use it to achieve his success no matter who
he is, or what his current conditions are.

You must be eager to know what this secret is. Let me tell
you now.

Listen Up!

The single most important factor for successful people is
simply feeling good.

If success is really that simple, then why are so many
people struggling?

That is a good question. We have been taught that in order
to achieve something, we have to suffer first. It has been
said, no pain no gain. But I tell you this ...That is

Look at the life of a highly successful person. Is he
suffering, is he struggling? If he is, then I can assure
you that he is not successful in the area that he is
struggling against. He may look successful in a certain
area, but very unsuccessful in others. Have you ever seen a
multimillionaire who is suffering from bad health? Why does
that happen? He has all the money he needs to hire the best
doctors in the world, why is he still suffering from ill

Here is what‘s really happening…

He is highly successful financially, because he feels
really good about himself in the financial area; he is
unsuccessful physically, because he feels bad about his

The point I want to make is this. If you notice someone who
is extremely successful in one area, then you will be
certain to notice he feels great about himself in that
area. He has been conditioned to feel good in that area,
just like most people have been conditioned to struggle in
some areas of life.

If you are still not convinced, perhaps you can think of it
this way. How do you define success? It is certainly not
just about setting a goal and achieving it. That is
important, but it’s only part of the story. Success in my
definition and in most successful people's definition is
about enjoying a state of well-being in every moment of our
existence. It all comes down to a state of feeling good.
You may not agree with me, you may consider success as
having a million dollars in your bank account; you may
consider success as being famous as a public figure. Then
let me ask you a question: “why do you want a million
dollars?”, or “why do you want to be a famous person?” If
you think hard about this question, you will find that all
you want is simply to feel good.

Here is the big mistake that most people make. They think
they are going to be happy once they get that million
dollars, they think they will be happy once they become a
superstar. But when they reach that goal, they feel a
moment of excitement, and finally they realize that that is
all there is. And then they set a higher goal, and wish
they will be happy once they reach that goal. They will
never be happy as long as they don’t change their approach.

Then what is the right approach?

Since your ultimate goal is to feel good, then why not
choose to feel good right now? How do you do that? It is
simply by choosing to feel good at this moment. It is as
simple as that. People have spent great amounts of money
searching for techniques and strategies to make them
successful, but they forget that the most powerful tool is
the most fundamental; it is simply feeling good.

You may say "it is easier said than done, how can I feel
good if I am broke?" If that is how you think, here is my
answer to you... There are only two kinds of feeling we
experience every day. One is feeling good, and one is
feeling bad.

Good feelings send a powerful signal to the universe, and
through the law of attraction, you will attract people,
circumstances and events to match your state of feeling
good. Bad feelings also send a powerful signal to the
universe to bring back people, circumstances and events to
match your state of feeling bad.

Have you seen that?

Feelings are the causes, conditions are the effects.

You cannot get away from being broke if you are feeling
bad. You only reinforce the cause.

So begin to feel good one way or another, no matter what
conditions you are in.

At the moment you choose to feel good, amazing things will

If you don't believe me, try it. You have nothing to lose.

Song Chengxiang is the author of popular online
ebooks "Rapid Manifestation" and "The Lost secrets of
Manifestation". His words have helped thousands of people
greatly change the quality of their lives and manifest
their true desires easily and effortlessly. He has recently
developed a powerful mind programming system- Quantum Mind
Power, with a top brainwave entrainment Engineer Morry
Zelcovitch. Check out this amazing new system and get a
FREE 5 part Quantum Mind Power ecourse at

If you don't know how to start feeling good, read  "How To Get Through Work Easily..."

How To Get Through Work EASILY And Effectively

Is work tough to get through because...well... you basically hate your job? Or, are you just having a tough day at work? Either case, it is easy to get through work days like this. And when I say easy, it just takes a few seconds to INSTANTLY change your attitude/emotion, and therefore, your performance.  This technique has been so effective for me that it worked for over 15 years (it actually kept me at a job that was OK but not my ideal way of earning money) and I still continue to use it today. Here's how to get through work on those tough days.

It just takes ONE thought that changes everything. This thought is unique to you and only you because only you know what will make you happy (thus, change your mood). And the best part is that that thing can be still manifesting.  In other words even though it hasn't happened yet, you can still experience the "high."

The above video makes the exact point about how WE create our emotions. Athletes and other professionals pay big money to psychologists to learn techniques like this.  When you want to perform your best to get the outcome you want, no matter what circumstances pop up, it's techniques like this that can influence your results tremendously. 

You see, when we experience different moods, it's because we had or have a specific thought in mind. That thought could have been spurred on by an external element, i.e. TV show, music, particular scent, someone giving you something, etc. OR it could be one that you just created in your head! That's right, you can CREATE whatever thought that will make you hopeful, optimistic, or just plain happy.

Here's an experiment to prove my point. Remember earlier when I mentioned that your thought does not even have to come true? In other words, you don't have to have your desire fulfilled in order to experience the "high." FYI: If you have an insatiable desire for something, you WILL get it. It's just a matter of time ("The Secret" made this well known). Anyway, back to my experiment. Since a lot of folks could use extra money right now, I will use it as an example. If you were notified that a long time friend has left you $1.5 million dollars (because of your gracious treatment when they were alive) but you will not get any money for about 6 months because of all the legal work that must be completed, I bet your attitude towards your work, family, and life in general will change INSTANTLY. I mean, now you know you will not have to work 40 hours a week and deal with unreasonable customers for the "rest of your life," you will be able to spend more time with family and friends, you can do what you want more often, etc. And look at just what happened here. This attitude change happened instantly and you haven't received one cent yet!

You may be saying, "Yeah, that would change my mood.  But that's because I knew I was going to get the money."  And you just hit the nail on the head!.  You actually BELIEVED that you will have all that money coming to you (even though a million things could go wrong from now until you receive your first $1).  So, now you know what the problem is if your mood doesn't change.  It's simply that you do not believe it will happen one day.

So, again, it's not the actual desire being fulfilled that will change your mood, but rather the thought of it coming to fruition one day in the future.

Photo contributed by and used under: / CC BY-SA 2.0
Thank you!

Now what do you want in your life that will make you happy? A better body? Better relationships? A trip to Hawaii? More money flowing in...Passively? Whatever your true desires, keep your eyes and ears open for it.  Like a kid who is obsessed with getting that toy, he looks at it everyday, he tries and figure out how he can get it, he pictures himself playing with it, etc.  If you know what you are looking for, it WILL come into your life!  You just don't know how soon it will be.

Photo contributed by and used under: / CC BY-SA 2.0
Thank you!

This simple but powerful technique is how you get through work (or any adverse situation for that matter) because once you're in a happy mood (or as "The Secret" says, "vibrating" in that certain frequency range), nothing can affect you from performing your best (and bringing into fruition what you want).

Now you can easily influence yourself to perform well in any adverse situation.  Use it everyday and remember, you will soon get what you desire!

(To embed your desires in your subconscious, try this 10 minute a day exercise to get what you want.)

Losing Is a GREAT Sign!

Did I write that title correctly? YES, I did!

Why is losing (not on purpose, but an actual good effort loss) a great sign? Well, for starters, it means you actually took action and tried something. And, another reason is that you actually pushed and tested yourself with something challenging to see where you currently stand.

Without losses (or any negative or opposite outcome for that matter), we can NEVER appreciate, enjoy, and BENEFIT from the wins. Whenever we experience a "win" in this type of environment, our self-esteem/self-confidence grows tremendously. We start building pillars of confidence we never thought we could achieve and that enables us to attack bigger and better things!

With this mindset, trying new and/or bigger things is now a game. You approach it with this competitive attitude and things can be fun. But, before you start something, decide how you are going to determine a "win" or a "loss." It could be by time, by dollar amount, by score, etc.

Now, it can be tough experiencing a "loss" but the next time you do, interpret it as 1. You TOOK ACTION and 2. You challenged yourself enough. Adjust the "challenge level" so it's attainable but not easy. And when, not if, that "victory" comes, it WILL be sweet!

You want to surprise yourself with what you are capable of? Here's a thought that comes from a world renowned psychotherapist, lecturer, and author of 20 books that sold over 4 million copies, Dr. Nathaniel Branden:

*No One Is Coming ... (to rescue you,to make my life right, to redeem my childhood, etc.)

So, when you are confronted with adverse circumstances and you start feeling sorry for yourself, remember this and see the power you have within yourself.

Watch this video to see what you can accomplish when you tell yourself "No One Is Coming..."

Now go influence yourself with the POSITIVES of losing...and you just might break a personal record!


Procrastination - The "9/11" Solution

Finding myself procrastinating far too often, my ears perked up when I heard something on the radio mentioning how to kill this terrible habit. I mean it hit me so hard that I just had to search on the internet to see if I could hear it just one more time. In a moment you'll see why I titled this post "The 9/11 Solution."

If you think about it, every time we put something off (something we know we should do some time in our lives), we are tampering with the 2 DANGERS of procrastination: 1. You are actually saying, "I am in control of tomorrow" (that's a cocky attitude to carry around) and 2. It does not take into account the uncertainties of life.

Have you experienced a major change in your life just because of something that happened "tomorrow" that you never dreamt would have happened, i.e. The attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001?

All our intentions, dreams, and future get buried when we say, "...maybe tomorrow," "...maybe later," etc. However, our actions live on forever through the impact we've left on others. What impact have you always wanted to leave behind? What dreams are left on your "To Do List?" What kind of behavioral example have you always meant to set for your kids?

So, when you catch yourself saying, "...I'll do it later...I'll get to it soon...I know I should do it," etc. think about "The 9/11 Solution" as a way to influence yourself to get the important things in life accomplished (or at least started) TODAY!

I must thank and credit Dr. David Jeremiah for broadcasting this message. I hope this helps you achieve greatness in your life leaving behind an epitaph that would make your future generations proud .


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The Lazy Technique Gets It Done..."Fast!"

Having trouble getting something hard or overwhelming done? Not to worry. I'm going to tell you about a technique that has worked for me for over 5 years (and counting) so you can get those "hard to do" things checked off.

I'm going to use working out (at the gym) as an example since this is when I use it most often.

What happens when you know you are going to be faced with a tough and grueling workout? Anxiety? Fear? "I'll do it tomorrow" thoughts? This is not a happy picture for anyone so of course you are going to come up with 101 excuses NOT to do it. Who wants to get started when they know they have to "climb a mountain?"

Well, here's a simple technique that will transform your body (in this case) into a head turning work of art.

This technique was introduced to me by a renowned author and speaker by the name of Steve Chandler and I've been using it ever since with superb results. I call this the "Lazy Technique" because, well, you attack an "overwhelming" task with a lazy attitude.

Since the hardest part of an overwhelming task is getting started, that is the time you apply this "I'll do it slow and easy, in a non-challenging way" attitude. This relieves all anxieties and facing your workout becomes a "piece of cake" (because you know you're going to go easy). And the best part is that you will often find yourself getting up to your natural speed almost effortlessly because once you stop forcing the action with your conscious mind, the subconscious takes over and you're back in rhythm again!

So, don't worry about going full throttle when faced with any daunting task. That will happen almost naturally!

Now go influence yourself to accomplish those daily goals or tasks that you dread. Paradoxically, you'll be actually getting things done faster, not slower, when you approach things with a slow and lazy attitude. 

100 Ways To Motivate Yourself Reviews


Your Past Has Some Secret Information You Want To Know

The information I'm about to reveal to you has made people financially independent, fitter than they've ever been, and happier in general just because they are getting what they want. People are paying good money to get information like this...I know, because I am one of them.

If this helps one person (YOU) improve their life then my time posting this is well worth it. So, here we go.

There are lots of e-books, books, video, and audio on "How to... (get something)" but the one ingredient that you need in order to get it is.............................(sorry, I know you've heard this one too many times but...) you have to actually take ACTION.

So, what specific information does our past hold that will get you to take action so you can get what you want? Here it is.

Everything you have done in the past and will continue to do in the future is because of one of two things. You either did something because 1) it brought you closer to what you wanted or 2) it got your farther from what your did not want. To put it another way , we do things either to gain pleasure or avoid pain AT THAT TIME. I emphasize "at that time" because on a given day, a thought may be "pleasurable" or "painful" enough to make us take action, but on another day, it may not.

So, to answer the question. What is it, based on your past behavior, that gets you moving and taking action? Know your "provokers" and you will start "doing" instead of wishing you've done it.

When you didn't want to do your homework but eventually did it anyway, what thought came to mind that made you do it? When you didn't want to do a chore, what thought came to mind that caused you to do it? It probably was something like "I didn't want to get in trouble with the teacher or your parents so I did it." Or, "I wanted to get my chores done so I could go to the movies that weekend." What ever it was, I can guarantee it was something "painful" or "pleasurable" at that time. Often we just do things out of habit and we really can't pinpoint the "pain" or "pleasure" that caused us to do it. But, way back then when you were struggling to do that activity, something was planted in your head and you become conditioned to a point where you just do it without thinking about it.

Pain doesn't have to be physically painful and pleasure doesn't have to be ecstatically pleasurable. In fact, what's "pleasurable" and "painful" is entirely up to YOU! What you consider "pleasurable" may be "painful" to someone else and vice versa. Anorexics see depriving themselves of food as a good thing ("pleasure") because it will keep them from becoming overweight. To a bodybuilder that is a BIG "no-no" ("pain").

One thing is for sure, our actions are provoked by thoughts of "pain" and "pleasure." If you create enough "pain" and/or "pleasure," and the right kind of provoking "pain" and/or "pleasure," you WILL take action. Knowing this "secret," we can exploit ourselves to our advantage. The good news is we don't always have to go to such extremes of creating intense "pain" or "pleasure" to get us to move. Sometimes, it just takes little "pleasurable" or "painful" thoughts to do the trick.

For example, just the thought of setting an example for your kid(s) by doing is enough "pleasure" for you to actually do it. Or, you can build it up to whatever intensity you want. Let's say you know you should go to the gym and workout but that nasty slacker voice is telling you to take it easy and watch TV. Now, you know that every time you did go and workout you have always felt great after you got it done. But, for some reason that "pleasure" is not getting you to move. You know it's a good feeling because you've experienced it. But, today it's not (strong) enough to get you to move. So, you tell yourself, this is the kind of mind set the typical overweight person has and that this habit will slowly turn you into a 600 lb, bed ridden, heart disease infested, de-pendent person that cannot survive on his own, that cannot do whatever he wants, when he wants, because of his immobility and de-pendence (by the way if you didn't get it, this is my view of "pain") . Now, this "pain" you just created may be the perfect amount of "pain" and one that touches your sore spot so that you move...great job! You are now becoming a Master of Thy Self!

Again, the key is to induce enough "pain" and/or "pleasure" and the kind that provokes YOU to take action. You will know when you've done a good job influencing yourself with the "pleasure/pain" techique because you will move. Remember now, "pain" and "pleasure" comes in all forms, intensity levels, and preciseness so when you're trying to come up with 10 "painful" or "pleasurable" thoughts to get you to move, that in itself might be aggravating you and the simple thought of "just do it, geeeeeesh!" might be enough "pleasure" to get you moving.

So, if you reflect on your past and pinpoint what thoughts got you to move, you have just tapped into YOUR influencing power. Don't tell anyone what makes you tick or they will be influencing you to do things you know you should not do.

Every behavior is provoked by one of these two forces. What do you think caused this behavior to take place?

(Copyright images are used with permission and affiliation with Thank you AllPosters!)

This is just one (powerful) way to influence yourself to get what you want. Use this self exploitation technique daily until it becomes your new habit and it will only be a matter of time before you transform yourself into someone others look at with envy.

Check back for more post on ways to influence yourself to get what you want, a.k.a. self-mastery, or simply just subscribe to the RSS feed.