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Procrastination - The "9/11" Solution

Finding myself procrastinating far too often, my ears perked up when I heard something on the radio mentioning how to kill this terrible habit. I mean it hit me so hard that I just had to search on the internet to see if I could hear it just one more time. In a moment you'll see why I titled this post "The 9/11 Solution."

If you think about it, every time we put something off (something we know we should do some time in our lives), we are tampering with the 2 DANGERS of procrastination: 1. You are actually saying, "I am in control of tomorrow" (that's a cocky attitude to carry around) and 2. It does not take into account the uncertainties of life.

Have you experienced a major change in your life just because of something that happened "tomorrow" that you never dreamt would have happened, i.e. The attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001?

All our intentions, dreams, and future get buried when we say, "...maybe tomorrow," "...maybe later," etc. However, our actions live on forever through the impact we've left on others. What impact have you always wanted to leave behind? What dreams are left on your "To Do List?" What kind of behavioral example have you always meant to set for your kids?

So, when you catch yourself saying, "...I'll do it later...I'll get to it soon...I know I should do it," etc. think about "The 9/11 Solution" as a way to influence yourself to get the important things in life accomplished (or at least started) TODAY!

I must thank and credit Dr. David Jeremiah for broadcasting this message. I hope this helps you achieve greatness in your life leaving behind an epitaph that would make your future generations proud .


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The Lazy Technique Gets It Done..."Fast!"

Having trouble getting something hard or overwhelming done? Not to worry. I'm going to tell you about a technique that has worked for me for over 5 years (and counting) so you can get those "hard to do" things checked off.

I'm going to use working out (at the gym) as an example since this is when I use it most often.

What happens when you know you are going to be faced with a tough and grueling workout? Anxiety? Fear? "I'll do it tomorrow" thoughts? This is not a happy picture for anyone so of course you are going to come up with 101 excuses NOT to do it. Who wants to get started when they know they have to "climb a mountain?"

Well, here's a simple technique that will transform your body (in this case) into a head turning work of art.

This technique was introduced to me by a renowned author and speaker by the name of Steve Chandler and I've been using it ever since with superb results. I call this the "Lazy Technique" because, well, you attack an "overwhelming" task with a lazy attitude.

Since the hardest part of an overwhelming task is getting started, that is the time you apply this "I'll do it slow and easy, in a non-challenging way" attitude. This relieves all anxieties and facing your workout becomes a "piece of cake" (because you know you're going to go easy). And the best part is that you will often find yourself getting up to your natural speed almost effortlessly because once you stop forcing the action with your conscious mind, the subconscious takes over and you're back in rhythm again!

So, don't worry about going full throttle when faced with any daunting task. That will happen almost naturally!

Now go influence yourself to accomplish those daily goals or tasks that you dread. Paradoxically, you'll be actually getting things done faster, not slower, when you approach things with a slow and lazy attitude. 

100 Ways To Motivate Yourself Reviews


Your Past Has Some Secret Information You Want To Know

The information I'm about to reveal to you has made people financially independent, fitter than they've ever been, and happier in general just because they are getting what they want. People are paying good money to get information like this...I know, because I am one of them.

If this helps one person (YOU) improve their life then my time posting this is well worth it. So, here we go.

There are lots of e-books, books, video, and audio on "How to... (get something)" but the one ingredient that you need in order to get it is.............................(sorry, I know you've heard this one too many times but...) you have to actually take ACTION.

So, what specific information does our past hold that will get you to take action so you can get what you want? Here it is.

Everything you have done in the past and will continue to do in the future is because of one of two things. You either did something because 1) it brought you closer to what you wanted or 2) it got your farther from what your did not want. To put it another way , we do things either to gain pleasure or avoid pain AT THAT TIME. I emphasize "at that time" because on a given day, a thought may be "pleasurable" or "painful" enough to make us take action, but on another day, it may not.

So, to answer the question. What is it, based on your past behavior, that gets you moving and taking action? Know your "provokers" and you will start "doing" instead of wishing you've done it.

When you didn't want to do your homework but eventually did it anyway, what thought came to mind that made you do it? When you didn't want to do a chore, what thought came to mind that caused you to do it? It probably was something like "I didn't want to get in trouble with the teacher or your parents so I did it." Or, "I wanted to get my chores done so I could go to the movies that weekend." What ever it was, I can guarantee it was something "painful" or "pleasurable" at that time. Often we just do things out of habit and we really can't pinpoint the "pain" or "pleasure" that caused us to do it. But, way back then when you were struggling to do that activity, something was planted in your head and you become conditioned to a point where you just do it without thinking about it.

Pain doesn't have to be physically painful and pleasure doesn't have to be ecstatically pleasurable. In fact, what's "pleasurable" and "painful" is entirely up to YOU! What you consider "pleasurable" may be "painful" to someone else and vice versa. Anorexics see depriving themselves of food as a good thing ("pleasure") because it will keep them from becoming overweight. To a bodybuilder that is a BIG "no-no" ("pain").

One thing is for sure, our actions are provoked by thoughts of "pain" and "pleasure." If you create enough "pain" and/or "pleasure," and the right kind of provoking "pain" and/or "pleasure," you WILL take action. Knowing this "secret," we can exploit ourselves to our advantage. The good news is we don't always have to go to such extremes of creating intense "pain" or "pleasure" to get us to move. Sometimes, it just takes little "pleasurable" or "painful" thoughts to do the trick.

For example, just the thought of setting an example for your kid(s) by doing is enough "pleasure" for you to actually do it. Or, you can build it up to whatever intensity you want. Let's say you know you should go to the gym and workout but that nasty slacker voice is telling you to take it easy and watch TV. Now, you know that every time you did go and workout you have always felt great after you got it done. But, for some reason that "pleasure" is not getting you to move. You know it's a good feeling because you've experienced it. But, today it's not (strong) enough to get you to move. So, you tell yourself, this is the kind of mind set the typical overweight person has and that this habit will slowly turn you into a 600 lb, bed ridden, heart disease infested, de-pendent person that cannot survive on his own, that cannot do whatever he wants, when he wants, because of his immobility and de-pendence (by the way if you didn't get it, this is my view of "pain") . Now, this "pain" you just created may be the perfect amount of "pain" and one that touches your sore spot so that you move...great job! You are now becoming a Master of Thy Self!

Again, the key is to induce enough "pain" and/or "pleasure" and the kind that provokes YOU to take action. You will know when you've done a good job influencing yourself with the "pleasure/pain" techique because you will move. Remember now, "pain" and "pleasure" comes in all forms, intensity levels, and preciseness so when you're trying to come up with 10 "painful" or "pleasurable" thoughts to get you to move, that in itself might be aggravating you and the simple thought of "just do it, geeeeeesh!" might be enough "pleasure" to get you moving.

So, if you reflect on your past and pinpoint what thoughts got you to move, you have just tapped into YOUR influencing power. Don't tell anyone what makes you tick or they will be influencing you to do things you know you should not do.

Every behavior is provoked by one of these two forces. What do you think caused this behavior to take place?

(Copyright images are used with permission and affiliation with Thank you AllPosters!)

This is just one (powerful) way to influence yourself to get what you want. Use this self exploitation technique daily until it becomes your new habit and it will only be a matter of time before you transform yourself into someone others look at with envy.

Check back for more post on ways to influence yourself to get what you want, a.k.a. self-mastery, or simply just subscribe to the RSS feed.