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Procrastination - The "9/11" Solution

Finding myself procrastinating far too often, my ears perked up when I heard something on the radio mentioning how to kill this terrible habit. I mean it hit me so hard that I just had to search on the internet to see if I could hear it just one more time. In a moment you'll see why I titled this post "The 9/11 Solution."

If you think about it, every time we put something off (something we know we should do some time in our lives), we are tampering with the 2 DANGERS of procrastination: 1. You are actually saying, "I am in control of tomorrow" (that's a cocky attitude to carry around) and 2. It does not take into account the uncertainties of life.

Have you experienced a major change in your life just because of something that happened "tomorrow" that you never dreamt would have happened, i.e. The attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001?

All our intentions, dreams, and future get buried when we say, "...maybe tomorrow," "...maybe later," etc. However, our actions live on forever through the impact we've left on others. What impact have you always wanted to leave behind? What dreams are left on your "To Do List?" What kind of behavioral example have you always meant to set for your kids?

So, when you catch yourself saying, "...I'll do it later...I'll get to it soon...I know I should do it," etc. think about "The 9/11 Solution" as a way to influence yourself to get the important things in life accomplished (or at least started) TODAY!

I must thank and credit Dr. David Jeremiah for broadcasting this message. I hope this helps you achieve greatness in your life leaving behind an epitaph that would make your future generations proud .

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