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The Lazy Technique Gets It Done..."Fast!"

Having trouble getting something hard or overwhelming done? Not to worry. I'm going to tell you about a technique that has worked for me for over 5 years (and counting) so you can get those "hard to do" things checked off.

I'm going to use working out (at the gym) as an example since this is when I use it most often.

What happens when you know you are going to be faced with a tough and grueling workout? Anxiety? Fear? "I'll do it tomorrow" thoughts? This is not a happy picture for anyone so of course you are going to come up with 101 excuses NOT to do it. Who wants to get started when they know they have to "climb a mountain?"

Well, here's a simple technique that will transform your body (in this case) into a head turning work of art.

This technique was introduced to me by a renowned author and speaker by the name of Steve Chandler and I've been using it ever since with superb results. I call this the "Lazy Technique" because, well, you attack an "overwhelming" task with a lazy attitude.

Since the hardest part of an overwhelming task is getting started, that is the time you apply this "I'll do it slow and easy, in a non-challenging way" attitude. This relieves all anxieties and facing your workout becomes a "piece of cake" (because you know you're going to go easy). And the best part is that you will often find yourself getting up to your natural speed almost effortlessly because once you stop forcing the action with your conscious mind, the subconscious takes over and you're back in rhythm again!

So, don't worry about going full throttle when faced with any daunting task. That will happen almost naturally!

Now go influence yourself to accomplish those daily goals or tasks that you dread. Paradoxically, you'll be actually getting things done faster, not slower, when you approach things with a slow and lazy attitude. 

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