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How To Get Through Work EASILY And Effectively

Is work tough to get through because...well... you basically hate your job? Or, are you just having a tough day at work? Either case, it is easy to get through work days like this. And when I say easy, it just takes a few seconds to INSTANTLY change your attitude/emotion, and therefore, your performance.  This technique has been so effective for me that it worked for over 15 years (it actually kept me at a job that was OK but not my ideal way of earning money) and I still continue to use it today. Here's how to get through work on those tough days.

It just takes ONE thought that changes everything. This thought is unique to you and only you because only you know what will make you happy (thus, change your mood). And the best part is that that thing can be still manifesting.  In other words even though it hasn't happened yet, you can still experience the "high."

The above video makes the exact point about how WE create our emotions. Athletes and other professionals pay big money to psychologists to learn techniques like this.  When you want to perform your best to get the outcome you want, no matter what circumstances pop up, it's techniques like this that can influence your results tremendously. 

You see, when we experience different moods, it's because we had or have a specific thought in mind. That thought could have been spurred on by an external element, i.e. TV show, music, particular scent, someone giving you something, etc. OR it could be one that you just created in your head! That's right, you can CREATE whatever thought that will make you hopeful, optimistic, or just plain happy.

Here's an experiment to prove my point. Remember earlier when I mentioned that your thought does not even have to come true? In other words, you don't have to have your desire fulfilled in order to experience the "high." FYI: If you have an insatiable desire for something, you WILL get it. It's just a matter of time ("The Secret" made this well known). Anyway, back to my experiment. Since a lot of folks could use extra money right now, I will use it as an example. If you were notified that a long time friend has left you $1.5 million dollars (because of your gracious treatment when they were alive) but you will not get any money for about 6 months because of all the legal work that must be completed, I bet your attitude towards your work, family, and life in general will change INSTANTLY. I mean, now you know you will not have to work 40 hours a week and deal with unreasonable customers for the "rest of your life," you will be able to spend more time with family and friends, you can do what you want more often, etc. And look at just what happened here. This attitude change happened instantly and you haven't received one cent yet!

You may be saying, "Yeah, that would change my mood.  But that's because I knew I was going to get the money."  And you just hit the nail on the head!.  You actually BELIEVED that you will have all that money coming to you (even though a million things could go wrong from now until you receive your first $1).  So, now you know what the problem is if your mood doesn't change.  It's simply that you do not believe it will happen one day.

So, again, it's not the actual desire being fulfilled that will change your mood, but rather the thought of it coming to fruition one day in the future.

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Now what do you want in your life that will make you happy? A better body? Better relationships? A trip to Hawaii? More money flowing in...Passively? Whatever your true desires, keep your eyes and ears open for it.  Like a kid who is obsessed with getting that toy, he looks at it everyday, he tries and figure out how he can get it, he pictures himself playing with it, etc.  If you know what you are looking for, it WILL come into your life!  You just don't know how soon it will be.

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This simple but powerful technique is how you get through work (or any adverse situation for that matter) because once you're in a happy mood (or as "The Secret" says, "vibrating" in that certain frequency range), nothing can affect you from performing your best (and bringing into fruition what you want).

Now you can easily influence yourself to perform well in any adverse situation.  Use it everyday and remember, you will soon get what you desire!

(To embed your desires in your subconscious, try this 10 minute a day exercise to get what you want.)

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