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Losing Is a GREAT Sign!

Did I write that title correctly? YES, I did!

Why is losing (not on purpose, but an actual good effort loss) a great sign? Well, for starters, it means you actually took action and tried something. And, another reason is that you actually pushed and tested yourself with something challenging to see where you currently stand.

Without losses (or any negative or opposite outcome for that matter), we can NEVER appreciate, enjoy, and BENEFIT from the wins. Whenever we experience a "win" in this type of environment, our self-esteem/self-confidence grows tremendously. We start building pillars of confidence we never thought we could achieve and that enables us to attack bigger and better things!

With this mindset, trying new and/or bigger things is now a game. You approach it with this competitive attitude and things can be fun. But, before you start something, decide how you are going to determine a "win" or a "loss." It could be by time, by dollar amount, by score, etc.

Now, it can be tough experiencing a "loss" but the next time you do, interpret it as 1. You TOOK ACTION and 2. You challenged yourself enough. Adjust the "challenge level" so it's attainable but not easy. And when, not if, that "victory" comes, it WILL be sweet!

You want to surprise yourself with what you are capable of? Here's a thought that comes from a world renowned psychotherapist, lecturer, and author of 20 books that sold over 4 million copies, Dr. Nathaniel Branden:

*No One Is Coming ... (to rescue you,to make my life right, to redeem my childhood, etc.)

So, when you are confronted with adverse circumstances and you start feeling sorry for yourself, remember this and see the power you have within yourself.

Watch this video to see what you can accomplish when you tell yourself "No One Is Coming..."

Now go influence yourself with the POSITIVES of losing...and you just might break a personal record!

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