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The Power Of Focus: What They Did Not Teach You In School

The power of focus is a skill that will produce incredible results for you!  If you can hone this skill, you will accomplish any goal.  So, let's go through a little practice to see where your focus skills lie.  In the following video, I want you to actually participate in the experiment which starts around the 1:30 mark.  You might be one of the participants that will be AMAZED at your power.  Experience the "focus factor" by clicking the play button.

The Power Of Focus: What They Did Not Teach You In School

Imagine what you can accomplish if you know what you are looking for.  This is why it is so important to figure out your true desires so you will have goals that you WANT to accomplish.  And when you know what you are trying to achieve, opportunities that were always in front of your face suddenly jump out at you.  This "focus factor" ingredient is what many of us are missing in our lives.  If you are having a hard time figuring out your true desires (goals), read this short post "Setting Goals: How To Do It If You Don't Know What You Want."

Now go influence yourself through the power of focus and you will soon get what you want.

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