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Setting Goals: How To Do It If You Don't Know What You Want

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This blog has numerous postings about techniques on getting what you want based on your true desires. But what if you don't know what it is you really want?  Like so many younger people we sometimes struggle to pinpoint this exact desire.

Well, I am going to show you a powerful approach on setting goals that will surface your true motivators and desires.  With that discovery and laser beam focus, you are UNSTOPPABLE!  I learned this from renowned business and life motivational speaker Steve Chandler, bestselling author of "100 Ways To Motivate Yourself" and numerous other self-improvement books and CDs.  OK, here is the approach.

When someone asks you if you like to eat fish, for example, you might answer with a simple "yes." But if someone asks you if you like to eat cow's tongue, you might answer with a definite "NO!"  Now some may actually like cow's tongue and hate fish so all you have to do is switch this example around to get the point.

Notice how your "no" was more powerful than your "yes?" You knew for sure you did not want cow's tongue (or fish).  This certainty is really important when setting any goal.  Number one your goal has to be personal, and number two it has to be desirable.

When you can find that definite "no," all you have to do is turn it into a "yes."  For example, if you know for certain that you do NOT want to get paid only one time for your hourly services (because that means you must work more hours if you want to get paid again), then you can set a goal that you DO want to create passive income streams.  You can further refine your passive income goal through this same process.  If you know you do NOT want to be driving around to build your passive income stream, you could set a goal that you DO want to create income Blogging from home, for example.  In his early 20's (amazing kid!), millionaire Rob Benwell has amassed a FORTUNE by doing just that, Blogging.  See his story here.

Do you see how the definitive "no" can stir up hidden desires buried in your heart?

Getting to know for sure, without a shadow of doubt, what you do NOT want is a really powerful way to discovering what you do want.

Use this "negative" technique to strategically influence yourself into accomplishing your newly discovered desirable goals.  Remember, desire and focus are a deadly combination so use it wisely!

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